Monday, July 13, 2015

Sew What? Skirts!

I mentioned back in April that I've been sewing more lately.  I'm not sure if before that I had gotten bored or burned out with it, probably a little bit of both.  But there's nothing like a few successful projects to get the juices flowing again.  It seems as though I have a three year old mini-muse that is helping make it fun again.

The oliver + s website has a number of free patterns.  The Lazy Days Skirt is a simple and quick project.  It's also a good starting point for a basic skirt that can be embellished in any number of ways.  I changed the hem a bit on two of the skirts, taking the lazy way out on the teal one and just serged it.

Sara now has a lovely collection of skirts for the summer.  I'm tempted to try making one for myself!



  1. Very cute! Now that I grow and can our own food, I'm thinking sewing should be my next pioneer lesson. :)

    1. Certainly! My guess is that you will be very good at it!