Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Break, Relatively Speaking

Once again we headed south to find warmth and sunshine.  The drive down in pouring rain left us wondering if we would find the light we craved, but we knew our destination would provide the warmth.  It was the warmth you find in a relative's welcoming hug and tight embrace and the smile in their eyes when they see you arrive. And, as it was, the sunshine followed soon after.

We spent a few days with my aunt and uncle catching up on family doings and talking politics and news and the state of the world.  We played with the dogs and walked and rested.  I found a new-to-me quilt shop and added to my stash of fabric for my niece's quilt.  We even went for a drive in the Smokey Mountains and visited Cades Cove.  

It may not have been as warm as last year's trip, but it was a whole lot warmer than it was back home - 50s and 60s versus 20s and 30s - and to us that was heaven.  There may have even been fewer flowers in bloom this year versus last year, but, once again, there was much more than was blooming at home.

But we soaked in the vitamin D and breathed in the fragrant and fresh air and reminded ourselves that it was coming.  Soon, relatively soon, this sunshine and warmth would be at home. 

We just need to hold on a little bit longer.  Relatively speaking.