Monday, April 7, 2014

Yes, Donna, there is a Spring

Really.  There is.  It's not make believe like Santa Claus.

We had to drive over five hundred miles in pouring rain to find it.  But, I think we would have driven twice that far just to feel some warmth and see green growth and pretty flowers.

After a March, no, after a winter, we would rather soon forget, a trip south to visit relatives was just what was needed. 

There was sunshine and flowering trees.  The tulips and daffodils were blooming.

Time spent on the porch chatting was just enough to suffer the first sunburn of the season.

And it was good.



  1. Sounds divine...we are finally warming up into a steady 50's around here...I just stay outside as long as I can...even with a light jacket is a blessing. So tired of the heavy coats and boots. I would travel miles as well to get some warmer temps too.

  2. So glad you had a great time and got a hint of spring!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I can smell Spring just by looking at them. So glad you got to get away and enjoy some warmer weather. There's nothing like beautiful weather to lift the spirits! :)

  4. Pretty! I can't wait to see it myself.