Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Easter I didn’t deserve

We celebrated an incredibly beautiful Easter Sunday.  It began with a beautiful and joyful Mass and continued on to a family gathering at Sis’ house where we had great food and even better company.  And, to top it off, the weather was absolutely perfect, sunny and seventy degrees.

It was so much better than what I thought I deserved.  I didn’t have a good Lent.  I didn’t give up TV or sweets or beer.  I didn’t say extra prayers or do Holy Hours.  I didn’t attend Stations of the Cross or a Triduum service.  My preparation could not have been more lacking. 

Given the way this winter went, perhaps my Lent sacrifices were taken from or imposed on me.  The weather halted a lot of plans – visiting with family and friends, seeing a much anticipated concert, taking a few local trips.  Unexpected family illnesses required time and effort to care and assist those who needed it.  Maybe those were the things that were requireded for a good Lent. 

Himself reminded me that I didn’t deserve the first Easter.  None of us did.  But our good Lord gave it to us anyways. 

For that I am thankful.



  1. We had a beautiful Easter Sunday too...weather was 80 for us! Sounds like you made sacrifices during Lent...helping your sick family members and not having those little getaways. The Lord helped you.

  2. Very true. The good Lord gave it to us anyway! Glad you had a happy Easter!

  3. Happy Easter! I am glad it was such a beautiful one for you :)