Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Saints alive!

Last week TCIE posted a reminder about the saint selector over at Conversion Diary. I kind of hesitated doing it. I didn’t want to be disappointed in whatever saint was selected for me. Weird, I know.

The first year I did it, Our Lady of Guadalupe was my patron saint for the year. As I’ve mentioned before, she’s the depiction of Mary that speaks the most to me. I find her presence and her intercession very powerful.

Last year, when I clicked on the saint selector I received the name of a saint I had never heard of before. Nothing about her seemed like she was applicable in my life. So I click again and again and again. Every saint that came up was someone obscure and remote.

So, as I am wont to do when I don’t like something, I ignored it, well, her. To this day, although I remember it was a female saint, I do not recall which one it was.

And, that was my loss, not hers.

Who knows what might have been had I taken even a little bit of time to learn about her. Maybe she would have “spoken” to me in a way I could see how she figured in my life. If nothing else, I would have learned something about one of God’s holy warriors.

So, this weekend I put on my big girl pants and clicked that button.

And you know what? I still don’t know why I got the saint (or almost saint) I did. But this time I think I'll take the time to read something about him and perhaps figure it out.



  1. Wow! Just read about your 2014 patron saint, St. Titus. Sounds like it could be difficult to make connections with him. But his story is inspiring!! Praying for the salvation of the Nazi guards! What a great, holy man! I hope he brings you closer to our Lord this year. :)

  2. I got a saint I never heard off too! Guess I got to blog about it now!

  3. Yea, I'd never heard of my saint either - I need to blog about it...but I'm determined to catch up on my commenting in this glorious hour of having "nothing" to do!!! St. Titus, pray for us!