Saturday, December 28, 2013

Boots and beer, baby!

The weather around here has been a bit crazy this month.  Several days of temps in the teens and small blizzards followed by warming and gully washer rain storms.   The joke in this area has always been "wait five minutes and the weather will change."

The days leading up to Christmas, and Christmas itself, were frigidly cold.  So, when today dawned warm and sunny, we knew we had to take advantage of it.  We chose a new-to-us county park and headed out for a hike.  What a great day!

The park was lovelier than we had imagined.  There were open areas, a large lake with dozens, if not hundreds, of ducks and geese, and beautiful old growth woods.  Much of the time we had the trails to ourselves.  But, when we did run across other hikers, everyone was in a terrific mood.  What could be better than 50s and sunny in December?!

How about a beer on the patio when we got home?

Ah, the simple pleasures in life!



  1. We didn't quite hit 50 here, but it was nice in the 40's. Unfortunately, it was a sloppy mess with snow melting. I got to run outside, but on the street. Tomorrow, back to frigid cold - so that melting snow will be back to ice. UGH.

  2. Wow...fifties sounds nice...we just had a day near 40...and now the bottom is falling out and tomorrow's high is 3 degrees...without the windchill. We use that saying quite a bit around here too.