Thursday, October 24, 2013

Our guest

A few weeks ago our friends K & S came over for dinner. With them they brought an extra guest. S’s mom has a traveling picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe that she graciously sent to stay with us for a while.

OLG has always been near and dear to my heart. It is the depiction of Mary that speaks most to me. I also have had a few coincidences with her as well. I started this blog on her feast day (completely unintentional but I love it) and one year she was my patron saint.

I haven’t been taking advantage of her presence nearly enough. She sits on the fire place mantel, looking pretty but largely ignored. And, that must change. It is hardly a good way to treat a guest.

So, I offer this to you. If you have an intention for which you would like me to pray, either leave it in the comments or drop me an email. (donna1164 at gmail dot com) I will place it in a bowl at her feet and promise to include it in daily prayer to her.



  1. What a great guest for your home! And a sweet idea to put intentions for others at her feet. Thank you for this sweet gift of prayer!

    Please pray for my husband and I to conceive and also for us to accept and be patient with God's plan for us and our family.

  2. Love it, we have a traveling painting of Mary going around our church also...I signed up for it to come to our house. I would love for you to pray for the success of our future adoption.

  3. What a beautiful picture! And offer to pray for our intentions!
    Please pray for my friend Amber to get a job in her hometown & for Jisha's baby to grow to term and be healthy.