Friday, October 18, 2013

Bagels and bad poetry

That shave your legs entry has been sitting on top of the post pile entirely too long. It's about time it goes away, or at least gets pushed aside.

Yesterday on the way to work I stopped for a bag of bagels for my IT compatriots. Just because. And, feeling goofy, I sent out the following email to everyone.

I was amazed at the silliness it brought out in people.  Both the bagels and the poor poem had people chatting all day.  Hmm?  Do you think we need to get out more?

I received this thank you from my manager.  I think it's a poem?

     Thank you Donna for the bad poetry
     Morning bagels are awesome
     Especially when they’re free!

The VP even added his own poem, bad as it was.

     Roses are red
     Violets are blue
     I'm having a bagel
     How about you?

What do you do "Just because"?



  1. Too funny! I haven't done anything in a while just've inspired me :)