Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Why you should always shave your legs

After a gloomy day yesterday, this morning dawned bright and beautiful.  The fog off the ponds and in the valley I drive through was just stunning.  A few times the glare of the sun made it hard to see, but, all-in-all, it was a nice drive into work.

That changed when I got there.  

I parked in the garage attached to our building as I always do.  The indoor parking was filled so I ended up on the roof.  I grabbed my laptop bag and lunch and headed toward the stairs inside.  As I walking an SUV came around the corner, out of the shadows, and right into me!

I ended up sprawled flat on my back in the middle of the garage roof.  I spewed out a number of very bad words at the driver until I realized who it was, a co-worker of the nicest kind.  He was shaking like a leaf at what he had done.  He never saw me as he came out of the dark inside to the bright glare outside.

I was able to get up, with his help, and we headed inside.  As the morning progressed so did my aches and pains.  Talking to my boss and the HR VP, they felt it best I go to the ER to get checked out.  By the time I drove myself there I could hardly walk. 

I've got to tell you, those hospital gowns leave a lot to be desired!  It's hard to be modest in one.  And, when the doc came in to examine me she tested my legs, feet and ankles for motion and sensitivity.  All I could think of while she was doing that was I really should have shaved me legs this morning!

I went home with a couple of scripts and the forewarning that I will be hurting for a couple of days, but ultimately will be just fine.

So, when you remember the advice of your mother to always wear clean underwear because you never know when you'll land in the hospital, remember to add shaving your legs to that as well!



  1. Oh my gosh Donna! I am glad you are going to be ok but my goodness how scary! Yes, shaving and clean underwear are musts. Prayers for your healing!

  2. Hit by a car?! Yikes... And a coworker?! Double yikes! Hopefully the bruises won't be too bad. Get well soon! (PS - did you at least get a paid day off?)

  3. Oh wow...how scary. So glad you are ok! And that you still have your sense of humor!!

  4. Oh my gosh! So glad that you are OK! And now I'm going to be extra cautious the rest of the day as it was a "I'll just wear a long skirt so I don't have to shave my legs" kinda morning.

    Prayers that you continue to heal and don't have additional problems.

  5. Wow! That could have been so much worse, and I'm glad you're okay!!

  6. My dh got hit by a side mirror on a walk one evening...he was on the side of the road but the car did not see him...he was hurting...and thankfully okay...glad to hear you are okay too.

  7. When I read the title of your post, I began preparing a litany of snide comments. I'll shelve them. Feel better.

  8. Oh my gosh!! I am so sorry, and so glad you are okay! I hear you on the leg shaving… Will do.