Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Silly, silly girl

I was looking for post I did last year where I listed everything that I had canned when I got side-tracked and started reading a bunch of other posts as well. In typical Donna fashion I was lamenting the process of looking for a new position. I went through an odd assortment of interviews last summer while on the hunt that left me feeling put out and inconvenienced. There were phone interviews and in-person ones as well as the one on Skype. I had mentioned in a couple of posts that one interview lasted four hours and one that was later in the evening.

As I was reading these posts I realized that both of the “inconvenient” interviews led me to this job, the one I hold now, the one I like so much. It's the one where the people with whom I work are good and the company treats us well.

Why did I think it was going to be easy?  As if it should be?  The jobs I had where the interviewing was an easy or quick process ended up being jobs I was so very, very glad to leave. 

Silly girl! 



  1. I love how we realize these things in hindsight ;) It realy goes to show that if you give your life to God, His plan is much better than ours.

  2. Oh, how God has a sense of humor. I was just saying today how 5 years ago I never, ever ever, would have pictured my life the way it is today.

  3. I love being able to look back also! It's amazing that its not until after the fact that you can see , usually pretty clearly, why everything worked out the way it did!