Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's a wild life

It was fifty-some degrees yesterday and sunny.  In January, in Ohio, how much better can it get?  Well, you could look out the window and see this.

I was lucky enough to see this one, but, not only did Himself see this beautiful eagle, he also saw what we are assuming is its mate.  Not a common site around here!



  1. Beautiful!

    ...I hope that the cold isn't heading your way. It started here in Illinois last night. Brrr...

    We did like that 48 degree day though

  2. KT - Unfortunately, it did. Yesterday's "high" was 24 and we'll be lucky if we hit that today. Aah, such is January in NE Ohio!

  3. Wow! That's a sight I only see in pictures!

  4. Beautiful! And as someone who regularly takes pictures of blobs and has to explain that it's a bird, I'm very impressed with the photo as well as the subject.

  5. This winter has been crazy! Freezing today - 65 by Tuesday.