Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yeah God!

My hundred plus pound "puppy" is a creature of habit.  He likes, no, he insists on a morning walk, every single day.  Trying to get that in before work is sometimes tough.  But, lately I've been rewarded.  Gloriously so. 

A few days before the time change we left a little earlier than usual, walking down the street carrying a flashlight.  I had a hard time not tripping over my own two feet because I was walking looking up at the sky.  The stars were nothing short of spectacular!  Orion's belt just glimmered and shined.  All the rest just sparkled.   Yeah God!

A few days later, after the time change, we were treated to a beautiful sunrise.  The colors reflecting off the clouds were a glorious mix of reds and oranges and pinks.  Yeah God!

Lately we've been seeing the hawks much more often.  We have a pair of red tail hawks that seem to come back this time of year and must makes their nest nearby.  They are so majestic and elegant.  Yeah God!

As I walked past my friend's house, a blue heron took flight from her pond.  It was large and gangly and flew with an odd, awkward smoothness that was interesting to watch.  Yeah God!

What makes you go Yeah God?


  1. One of the most awesome 'yeah God' moments I've had was when I was flying out of LAX one early morning. It was so foggy I was a little nervous as to how we would possibly take off. We did, and when you take off out of LAX, you always head west over the Pacific Ocean. As we turned and headed back toward the east, you could see the Mountains in the distance peaking up through the fog and the sun was putting a golden glow over everything.
    I distinctly remember looking out the window and thinking 'How can anyone see this and deny God exists?'

  2. When I see beautiful, breathtaking sunsets (like your picture) or dark as night, starry skies ... I think "Yea, God! So beautiful!" I always enjoy looking at nature and knowing that God created that so beautifully for us to enjoy ... flowers, hills and sunsets. :-)

  3. A lot of things in nature cause me to praise God. I'm absolutely fascinated by the natural beauty of landscapes and the diversity across the world. We truly have a creative God!