Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Two weeks, no waiting

Jeez, time flies.  It's been two weeks since I last wrote.  Kind of funny, considering my last post.  So much has been going on since then.  Where to start?

I interviewed for another job, one which would have been permanent rather than consulting, and it confirmed my decision in accepting the first.  What gets even funnier on the job front is that another company has been courting me for a third position!  Considering where it is, I was tempted to automatically say no, as my drive would go from 15 minutes to over an hour.  But an over 50% increase in pay and this company's name on my resume. . .hmmm???  Got to wonder.

My dad came over one afternoon and we headed down to a local orchard to get freshly picked apples, and pies, and goodies to take to relatives DH and I were going to be visiting.  The pies were yummy and we're still working our way through the bag of apples I bought.

DH, Jack and I headed down to Tennessee to visit my aunt and uncle for my uncle's 77th birthday.  I think if we didn't bring our dog we might just be turned away at the door!  Jack and my uncle just adore each other.  My cousin came up from SC for the weekend and we were able to spend a relaxing and enjoyable time just chatting and catching up.  My aunt so reminds me of my mom that it's alway hard when we leave.  But, we have their visit in the spring to look forward to.

Oh, and we had such a great welcome home from our trip.  DH took Jack out for his evening potty break before going to bed, and just a few feet from the door, Jack met a skunk up close and personal!  Just what I needed the day before I started my new job.  He still stinks.

Speaking of the job, it's going well so far.  I started last Tuesday and am slowly getting the hang of how they do things there.  It seems that they work at a much slower pace than what I have in the past, and that's a welcome relief.  I have time to learn the business and do things correctly. 

In between all of that, I've been learning to use my crock pot again.  I've made some really yummy meals, and one not so good one.  I finished up some sewing I was doing for Christmas.  Yep, you read that right.  For Christmas.  When I showed DH the finished stockings his response was "Who stole my wife?  She never gets things done this far in advance!" 

So, two weeks later and there's just no time to wait.


  1. Great news on the job front! How wonderful that it's a slower pace- can I come work with you? Love the stockings. Handmade gifts are the best- IMHO ;)

  2. So glad the job front is going well :).

    We've had a skunk-sprayed dog in our house before too, oh my gosh is it horrible!

  3. You give me hope that perhaps I can find a new job; I hate where I am at, but have just not had any luck. I wish for the day when I can walk out that door...or shall I say run!

    Skunks...ughh... My neighbor and dog got it last year. My husband and dogs were close a few weeks ago... And then coming home tonight, one sprayed very close to our house and now I don't want to let the dogs out for potty time!

    Another dog note...this morning I spent 20 minutes trying to get my dog to remember commands. I found out they loose their memory when they have a dead rabbit in their mouth. Ugh!

  4. Your new job sounds fabulous! A slower work pace makes it easier to learn, for sure.
    I love the stockings you made! How crafty!!! Kudos to you for being on top of things!