Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What a difference . .

. . . a day makes! 

Or, in my case, a week.  Two Fridays ago it was miserable here, in more ways than one as you may recall.  It was cold and gray and rainy.  I lost my job and my mind was spinning about all sorts of things.  This past Friday was just the opposite - a sunny, warm, glorious day in which I felt so grateful to be alive. 

DH and I headed to a local park that we had never visited before.  One time we went looking for it, never found it, and ended up several towns away at a path along an old canal we probably never would have visited had we not gotten lost.  Oh, but I digress.  This park was absolutely stunning.  The leaves weren't quite at peak but the colors were beginning to really pop. 

We had part of the park to ourselves for quite a while.  When we hiked the loop through the woods we ran into so many people - the nicest people, happy to be enjoying the beauty around them.  One talked of how she like to bring her grandchildren there.  Another let us play with her eleven year old "puppy".  When we ran into someone for the second time, a man with special needs, walking the loop in the opposite direction, he asked jokingly if he had seen us before.  "Nope.  That must have been our doppelgangers!"

We left the park smiling ear to ear.  Thankful.  Happy.  Content.

Yeah God!


  1. Beautiful scenery! What a great fortune that this is your local park! I'd have to drive somewhere to see a view like this. :)
    I'm happy for your happiness.

  2. Enjoy those beautiful autumn days while they are still around! Sorry to hear about the employment situation; hoping that everything happens for a reason.

  3. Ok, I don't know where I was or what I was doing, but I totally missed the 'I lost my job' post - I will absolutely keep you in my prayers.

    And yay! for a beautiful day. Praise God for His creation.

  4. Those pictures are beautiful! One of the many reasons I love fall. Prayers for you on the job front!