Friday, October 7, 2011

Quick Takes (16)

- 1-
I'm going to be published!  We found out on Monday, our anniversary, that a picture I took at the GK Chesterton conference in August is going to be used for the next issue's cover.  As soon as I get to link to the cover, I'll post it.

- 2 -
Whoever thought planting black walnut trees in the yard was a good idea was nuts.  (LOL at my own silly pun)  Yesterday I raked up six wheel barrows full of those little green balls.  And that isn't all,  there's still a ton more to go.  It wouldn't be so bad if we could actually eat them, but we tried, and they're awful.  Definitely not the good walnuts you get at the grocery.

- 3 -
Monday we drove down to Amish country to go to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate our anniversary.  Despite its location, the Inn at Honey Run, is one of the most un-Amish places we know.  It's in a beautiful location, elegant, serene.  Even though it was cool and rainy, it was a great time.

- 4 -
I love naps.  In the last week I've taken several.  I've been doing a lot of yard work and usually come in filthy dirty and tired.  A 45-60 minute snooze has been a great refresher.

- 5 -
Hey, speaking of the Chesterton conference, they announced the dates, location and speakers of next year's event.  It is awesome.  I'm ready to make my reservations now.  One of the highlights is the premier of the movie Manalive, which has been several years in making.   In my opinion, that's got to be one of, if not the best, of Chesterton's fiction. 

- 6 -
You've got to read about this brave and wise young man, a student and hockey player at University of North Dakota.  He has what is an unusual, but incredibly insightful message, for young (and old) women.  He gives me hope in our young people.

- 7 -
"Break the conventions; keep the commandments."

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Have a great weekend


  1. What a fantastic role model! I loved that article, I'll definitely be sharing it. :)

    Also, congrats on getting a cover! That's awesome.

  2. Sorry for the double comment but I just noticed that you have a fur baby named Jack!! Me too! :D

  3. Happy anniversary! Inn at Honey Run sounds absolutely charming. Praying you are doing well with your new job status- didn't get a chance to post on your last post. Good luck with the rest of the walnuts- at least it's good exercise!!

  4. Happy Anniversary and congrats for being published!! What a honor.

    An old priest once told me that the black walnut tree was great for the wood, when used to build furniture, crosses, etc. There may be a delayed 'fruit' after all. Not sure if is true, but it is an expensive wood.