Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hi ho, hi ho. . .

. . . it's back to work I go!  Tomorrow it's back to reality and my little cube solving the world's IT problems.  Okay, maybe just my little portion of my little project of my little company's IT problems.
This week was wonderful.  It was vacation week for us.  We didn't have perfect weather.  In fact, it rained quite a bit.  But I got a few things done, I had some fun, and I just got to be.  I sat on the patio with my sweety and watched the world go by.  Time is such a gift and I was certainly glad for it this week.

On the get things done list I made some progress. I did a lot of weeding and some mulching.  I went through clothes and got bags packed up for Salvation Army.  And I made myself a pretty necklace. 

Fun?  Let's see.  Dad and I made it out to Cedar Point on Tuesday. (See #2 of Quick Takes).  Thursday DH and I went on a hike and out to lunch.  We pretty much had the towpath to ourselves.  It was nice.  Other than the birds singing and the rushing waters of the nearby river, it was quiet and peaceful. 

On Friday we took a drive down to Amish country.  Ohio has the largest Amish population in the US and there's a lot to see and do.  It really is beautiful in any season, but I think spring is my favorite.  There are rolling hills and beautiful vistas almost any where you look.

Lehman's Hardware is always fun to browse and I've gotten some of my best, and pretty inexpensive, bakeware there.  Stopping for cheese at Heini's is a must.  They have the best butter there too.  Puts the grocery store stuff to shame! 

We did something different this time.  We stopped an Amish petting farm.  What fun!  When we first got there, this goat wandering around the parking lot.  She escaped from greener pastures.  Silly girl!

So, we were treated to a front row seat of a new sport - Amish goat wrestling.  This older Amish man and young woman heaved her up and over the fence.  It was kind of funny to watch.  Isn't there a gate around here somewhere? 

There's a ramp by the barn that lets the goats go up on the roof.

For a doller, you can buy a cone with goat chow in it and then put it on the conveyor belt.  Crank the wheel and up it goes.

The goats wait in eager anticipation of a tastely treat.

Waiting. . .


I want to know who came up with this idea and why.  It's not everyday that someone thinks "Hey, let's let the goats walk on the roof and feed them by conveyor belt!"

They have other animals besides goats.  The horse here is Big Ben.  He weighs over 3,000 pounds!  That's DH petting him.  He's 6'2" so that gives you an idea just how large this animal is.  He is beautiful and so gentle!

I thought these roosters were beautiful.  They have such pretty markings.

This goat stole my heart.

This little one was just one day old!

Can you tell I like goats?  Some day I'm gonna have me some goats for pets.  Someday. . .

Me, looking for my next photo op.

After all the excitement of the of the petting farm we drove down to my very favorite fabric shop.  It's one of those places that if you can't find it there, you're not going to find it.  They have the best selection of Batik I've ever seen.  We were hunting down browns and golds and oranges for our next frayed quilt project.  Parking was pretty limited and we had to share the lot.

Sigh! It was a good week.  A very good week.  Can't wait to do it again.

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  1. Hey Donna! Thanks for the comments on the food series. I think you're getting an AMAZING deal on eggs! I'm so jealous! I wish welived close to Amish country. Your pictures are beautiful. How random to have a goat on the roof! And that goat is adorable! I can see why he'd steal your heart!!! Too cute!