Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dumber Things, Part 2

My guess is that most married couples have sayings and a language all their own.  One of ours, as I've mentioned before, is I've done dumber things.    I suppose life would be pretty boring if I didn't goof up now and then.  Here's my latest one:

My trusty little Saturn just turned 100,000 miles.  I was on the highway, at rush hour, and did what every intelligent, safe driver would do.  I took a picture.  And when the first one didn't come out, I took another. 

I've done dumber things!


  1. Hi! Well I have done dumber things as in not writing this comment months earlier. Uh, its just a little funny to read as you write about the area I live in but it was just too much to read that you have an older saturn, too (our trusty sl2 has 113k). If you are interested maybe we can drive our "still goin' strong saturns" and have a blogger meet-up. Hope your yard is surviving yet another rain storm.

  2. I would absolutley love to get together.

    Actually, the yard flooded worse yesterday than it did last time. Bus as fast as the water rose, it went back down again.

  3. I totally did the same thing when my Nissan-that-isn't-mine-anymore-:( crossed over to the land of 6 digits :). And yes, I've done dumber things.

  4. Good to know other husbands are out there shaking their heads, too. :o)