Wednesday, November 6, 2019

An Open Book: November 2019

I have been reading a lot lately, closing in on doubling my GoodReads goal for the year.  Generally, what I have been reading has been entertaining, but, in all honesty, not very memorable.  I like mysteries and thrillers and, given that I've read almost ninety books this year, I have perused a lot of them.  So it was refreshing to come across a book that is not only interesting and well written, it has kept me thinking about it long after I finished it.  

All in Good Time by our linkup hostess, Carolyn Astfalk, is that book. Brian Perella is admittedly a serial dater.  Most women don't get past the first date, but those that do rarely develop into a real and serious relationship.  He's done with dating and lays it all out before the Lord.  When God seems to answer his prayer in an almost literal fashion, he seems to be afraid to believe that single mom Melanie Lombardi might feel the same way about him.

As Brian slowly pursues his relationship with Melanie he has to come to terms with a vice that has gripped him in the past, and if reignited, could impact their future.  This temptation is put to the test when he deals with a serious illness.

I have to admit, part of the story made me mad. It is something that I wrote about once before. Not to give anything away, I won't mention it here, but the main character's family felt the same way.  And that is part of the charm of this novel.  I was annoyed at Brian, but still felt for him.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing All in Good Time and for linking up! If Brian were a real person, I'd definitely have slapped him upside the head for that move too. He figures things out a little too late.