Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Photo Blogging Challenge (July 2016) - Photographer’s Choice

AKA "Still Standing After All Those Fears"

Cleveland recently hosted the RNC.   For months we have been hearing how the event would be tumultuous, at best, and dangerous and destructive at worst.   It was none of that.   Although there was protesting, everything went well.

So well, that we thought about going down on the last afternoon.   Unfortunately, a few crises at work put an end to that.  Instead we went down the Saturday afterwards and played tourist.
I used to know the area well, but it has been quite a while since I visited.  It was ninety-five degrees the day we visited.  We wandered slowly, checking out the remnants of the convention.  Other than the banners and signs, not much was left.  The recent renovation to Public Square, new buildings scattered throughout, and sprucing up of old landmarks has the city looking great!
We enjoyed our time down there so much that a few days later I took a day off from work.  We repeated the trip, exploring areas we missed on that first day.  Those are pictures for another post. 
The "Q"
Terminal Tower
Soldiers and Sailors Monument
County Courthouse
Playhouse Square
Old Stone Church
Key Plaza and Cleveland Public Library
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  1. Such gorgeous architecture! Great pics :)

  2. Really nice photos! I love the one of the old stone church.

  3. All your shots are amazing. Everywhere in USA feels so grand. I think the old with the new works really well in the old stone church image.

  4. I have never been to Cleveland. Love the Old Stone Church with the modern buildings in the background. Talk about opposites!

  5. Thanks for sharing some great architecture photos, a good mix of old and new buildings. I'll bet you had a lot more freedom of movement and were more relaxed going down after, rather than during, the convention. Looking forward to seeing your pics from your return visit.

  6. I was in Cleveland early this summer and we didn't really get to look around too much. But it's a city I think I'd like to visit again. Good set of images.