Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Photo Blogging Challenge (August 2016) - Black & White

This month's theme, Black & White, intrigued me.  I initially thought about taking pictures of black and white items only, but that was easier said than done.  There was still too much color in the photos.  So, with Himself to the rescue, I used photos we took and then made b&w. 

I only did a couple of the photos below and found the process more complicated than I thought it would be.  Not that the acutal physical process was difficult, but deciding contrast and gradients, and shadows and highlights were far from black and white decisions!

I took this picture on our second trip in which we played tourist in our own hometown.  At first the original looked almost b&w, that is until you compare it to one that has been converted.  The gull posed for me for quite a while and was probably sorely disappointed when I didn't reward it with a treat.

It seems one of our all time favoriate places to photograph is the local county park.  It was once owned by a farmer who still owns the barn in the background.  The county harvests the grass for feed of animals at its other parks.  Himself took this on a beautiful, sunny day.  Changing this photo to b&w certainly changes its mood.  
One of my favorite places when I travel to the west coast for work is Portland's International Test Rose Gardens.  Oh the colors and the scents!  
Lunchtime?  Dinnertime?  He doesn't seem to care.  We seem to share that bench with a lot of critters.
Multanomah Falls, about a thirty minute drive east of Portland, is absolutely stunning.  In b&w this photo seems timeless to me.
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  1. These are brilliant . . think the one in the field and the one of the waterfall are my favourites.

  2. Wow, where is that waterfall?
    I agree, black and white photography is super challenging.
    The seagull is my favorite!

  3. Oh, I love the tonality in the farm shot. That sky is awesome. And the one of the falls is stunning! Lovely collection this month.

  4. OK, these pictures are absolutely STUNNING. Holy cow!!!!!! The second one and the squirrel one in particular are CRAZY good!!!! I love how the squirrel posed for you :)

  5. Beautiful! The second and the last are my favorites!

  6. These photos are great, I'm quite jealous of the waterfalls. Like another person commented it does seem to go on forever. Also I enjoy how the farm slash park picture came out. Pretty cool!

  7. Beautiful! Great job with the challenge thwme!

  8. Great photos..especially the farm machinery and you are right it works really well in B&W.

  9. Really great pictures and the waterfall especially suits the black and white - looks almost like a painting it's so beautiful. Also really like how the picture of the farm machinery has come out, really atmospheric.

  10. Have to love certain photos when they are in black and white instead of color. Like the one where you can see the sky. The clouds really stand out behind the old tractor, which makes it pretty cool. Nice work this month!