Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sew What? Sara's Quilt

Sewing has been fun lately.  Really.  It is even when I have to stop and take apart the sewing machine to repair whatever is causing the clunking sound (flannel fuzz from the next quilt).  There is a feeling of accomplishment, of creating something that will last.  The creative juices are flowing.  I want to do more.  If only there was time to do more.
Time is what it took for my niece's quilt.  I had an idea, inspired by the material I used to sew the curtains for her bedroom.  I started collecting coordinating fabrics a little more than a year ago.   I would stop in quilt shops wherever we happened to be.  A few pieces were from my stash, either what I had inherited from my mom or leftovers from other projects.  
The inspiration fabric is the right, horizontal piece.
I cut the fabric into four inch strips and then into shorter pieces.  All of those were dumped into a basket and mixed up.  I randomly pulled out pieces and stitched them end to end into a very, very long ribbon.  That ribbon was cut into pieces to fit around some appliques I had sewn. 
The Hairy Beast supervising the piecing process
Appliques - in process and completed
I tried something different with this quilt.  I brought it to the local shop where they quilted it on their long arm machine.  At roughly 75" x 57", it was just too big to do on my table top machine.  And, boy I am glad I did!  The woman who did the quilting chose a heart pattern in pink thread.  Wonderful! 
backside of quilt - hearts

Even when it seventy plus degrees out, it's never to warm to cuddle under the quilt!



  1. The quilt is GORGEOUS!! So cheerful and happy and all girl :) It looks like it was a treat to put together, too - and obviously much-appreciated by its recipient :)

  2. That is a beautiful quilt! You did a great job and that little girl is lucky to have such a talented auntie!

  3. That turned out so nicely! Beautiful!