Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sand Pail List: 2016 Edition

Several years ago we started creating a Sand Pail List of things to do during the summer.  The lists are good for that summer only and contain a variety of entertaining ideas.  Seeing things in writing seems to help me.  It reminds me of my options when I’m getting bored or when I’m overwhelmed with yard work and just want to do something fun. ( ‘cause girls just wanna have fun! )

What great summers we’ve had since starting the lists!  Not that we didn’t have fun before, but it got us trying and doing things that we may have thought about but never did.
Without further ado, here’s our 2016 Sand Pail List.  Some things are repeats and some items are new.  Watch out summer, here we come!
· Try out a new winery or brewery.
· Go to at least one free concert.
· Go to the county fair and enter something into one of the competitions.
· Go for a hike in one of the county or state parks that we haven’t yet been to.
· Try kayaking.
· Go to the batting cages.
· Plant something new in the vegetable garden.
· Go to a drive-in movie.
· Go on a photo safari.

· Attend the Chesterton conference.
Am I missing anything?  I'm open to suggestions.
What's on your list?


  1. That is a great list! I tried kayaking for the first time 2 years ago. I had no idea it would be so wonderful. Definitely find a place to do that one!

  2. My dh and I have tried this and never followed through with any thing! Ha..I like the idea and would love to try that again for this summer...but with "T", it might be hard.

  3. Great list. I need to do something similar for me and the kids. "Bucket lists" and "Boredom buster" things always overwhelm me but a nice, short list? I think I can do that! LOL

  4. If you end up this direction, a friend of ours is opening a brewery, though it might not be open yet, Helicon Brewing. I know he's been participating in some local/regional beer festivals.