Sunday, April 24, 2016

TToT(15): Catching Up

I seem to be better at doing these monthly rather than weekly, so here it goes.  Catching up since last time.
one:  At the beginning of the month we drove to Tennessee to visit my aunt and uncle.  As always, it was great to see them.
two:  There was something different about this trip.  Usually we are ready to come home, but not this time.  We could have stayed much longer.
three:  We had great timing throughout the trip.  We left later than we had wanted, but it ended up working in our favor.  We missed the bulk of a heavy rainstorm and only had to drive in light rain and drizzle.  By the time we arrived, it was clear, sunny and twenty degrees warmer than when we had left.
four:  We went back to Cades Cove, but went on a Monday morning rather than Sunday.  Big, BIG difference in the amount of people there.  As in a whole lot less.
five:  While at Cades Cove we saw a bobcat, a coyote, and some interesting birds.  When there are a lot of people and traffic there, the critters tend to hide.
six:  We missed a snowstorm while we were gone.  From what we gather there was about four to six inches of snow, all which was melted by the time we got home.
seven:  Sunsets over the lake are stunning.
eight:  I've been seeing more and more critters around here on my morning walks with the hairy beast.  In just the last two weeks I have seen a muskrat in the stream, a large owl fly by and land in a tree, deer cross the road, and a pileated woodpecker pounding  tree looking for bugs.  The owl was a first for me.
nine:  I've got to copy off of Christine's post last week.  The asparagus is growing!  I say that excitedly since I hadn't seen any until late this week and had thought it had all died.
ten:  I will be heading outside to plant a tree in the front yard.  My aunt had dug up and potted a Japanese Maple for me and I have just the perfect spot for it.  I love getting plants that had their start in the yards of family and friends.
bonus:  The Cavs have won their first three playoff games against Detroit.  Dare we hope for a sweep of this series?
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  1. A wonderful list of thankfulness. Asparagus are one of my favorite veggies. How cool you can grow them yourselves. The sunset over the lake is beautiful and inspiring. See you soon.

  2. I have yet to find a part of Tennessee that isn't beautiful. A great place to vacation, especially with a much loved family. The photo of the lake is gorgeous!
    We ate the first of the asparagus on Saturday. So yummy! Glad yours is growing, too.
    Funny how you mentioned getting plants that started in someone else's yard. I had never received plants from someone before I was at your place last summer. No joke, plants from a friend are so, so much better than ones I buy, and not because they are free. :) I think of you and that lovely evening with you, your husband, and the hairy beast every single time I look out my kitchen window or take a walk around the yard.

  3. Love asparagus! And your sunset photo is gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. WOOOOOOW THAT SUNSET! Amazing. Such lovely things on your list :)

  5. That photo is absolutely gorgeous!!