Saturday, March 12, 2016

TToT (14): A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

It's been entirely too long since I've done one of these.  There's a lot of catching up to do.
- one-
Over Thanksgiving weekend, we decided one day that we were bored and the best time to start a new project was right before the holidays and right before I was to leave town for a work trip.  We decided to paint one of the bedrooms that we use as a sitting room.  I think this falls into the category of "We've done dumber things."  Just a couple of weeks ago, we finally finished (mostly) the painting and started getting the room back in order.

- two-
We replaced the ugly ceiling fan.  Thanks to Himself's good taste, we sent back the not so pretty light fixture I had picked out and installed this one.  Holy cow!  I didn't realize just how overwhelming the fan was in the room until it was gone.  The room feels so light and airy now.
- three-
I am very, VERY thankful for drop clothes when painting.  Ask me how I know.  Go on.  Ask me.  See that corner in the left of the picture?  When I was painting there I kinda tipped the paint tray over.  Thankfully, that green sheet on the floor in the right corner was moved over to the left corner when I did it.  No carpeting was harmed in this project. (Another "dumber thing" perhaps?)
- four-
I gave the hairy beast his annual haircut.  Over the winter he gets rather matted and starts to look like a Rastafarian pooch with all his dreadlocks.  He is quite patient with me, but needed a water break halfway through. 
- five -
We have had some tremendously awesome weather here for the beginning of March.  Sunshine and temps in the sixties and seventies just revive my spirit and make me smile. 
- six -
I've go my sewing "mojo" back.  I started on a quilt for my niece maybe a year ago.  Nothing difficult, but somehow I just kept avoiding it.  With some inspiration from this dear blogger (check out her Irish chain quilt about halfway down the post) I got back at it.  I finished piecing the top and will be bringing it to a local shop to be quilted.  More to come on that.

- seven -
That sewing mojo?  It continues on.  I started and am making great progress on a quilt for the sitting room.  We had collected fabric with which I had intended on making a "raggedy" quilt, but decided to just do a "regular" one.  Good decision.

- eight -
 Have I ever mentioned just how much I love Amazon Prime?  I found a print I forgot I had and decided to frame it for the sitting room.  It's an odd size and I wanted a frame it without a matt, but wanted some color around it.  After looking at all the craft stores in the area for an unfinished wood frame, I searched Amazon and found just what I wanted.  Two days later it was in my hands and ready  for the dark green stain that we had leftover from another project.  It turned out better than I hoped.

- nine -
We celebrated Himself's birthday at Sis's house last weekend.  At her bedtime, my niece cannot possibly go to bed without a story or two.  Aunt Donna and Uncle Himself were more than happy to oblige.  It melts heart to see these two together!
- ten -
I took a vacation day on Monday and we celebrated the aforementioned birthday by going to the market and then out to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants.  It is in an old bank building, built when banks were grand and majestic.  Thankfully they kept all the beautiful architecture.  And, the food is as good as the ambiance!
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  1. This is a lovely post. Spring is coming and I think rebirth, energy and time to lift the cloud of winter from our hearts and minds. You post is full of renewed energy and projects. Happy Birthday to the Hub.

  2. This is a nice post. That building is absolutely gorgeous! It reminds me of when I worked in downtown Cleveland. There were a couple of really old and stunningly beautiful buildings with shops and "quick serve" restaurants. You just can't do that kind of thing with concrete blocks. :(

    1. I didn't know you worked there! This building was just on the outskirts of downtown.

  3. Old banks were really fabulous, weren't they? What a fun place to eat.
    Sounds like you have been very ambitious lately. Will you continue that making it your theme for 2016? Or are you ready to wind down and take a breather?

    1. I'm hoping to keep the momentum going. I felt like such a slug for much of thee winter, it feels good to get moving and see things accomplished. Only time will tell!

  4. the Restaurant/Bank photo! soon, I suspect, there will be no brick and mortar buildings for bank it'll be online.
    (If your town in old enough, it's interesting to look at if from the perspective of time and culture. Here in New England, you can trace, through the grandeur of the architecture, the significance of various institutions. the Town Hall(s), the schools, the libraries, the banks, the stores and now (of late) the drugstores… each (is usually) designed to dominate the community, fitting it's role (at the time).

    1. Unfortunately, many of the buildings have been torn down. The was a road in downtown that had been known as "millionaire's row" with many grand houses. Very few still exist today which is sad, so much beautiful architecture has been lost.

  5. What a lovely post :)
    Oh yeah, drop cloths! I too am a huge fan. I would die if I dumped a paint tray on the carpet! You must have been quite relieved lol
    Quilting is amazing. Such an art. I've never tried it but admire the skill. Good for you for getting your sewing mojo back. I lost mine decades ago and I'm thinking it's gone for good :D
    How very cool! A restaurant in an old bank building. Just like in the serial story Blogdominion! Excellent :)

    1. I was so glad I didn't mess the carpet. Unfortunately, the amount of pain I spilled was probably what was needed to finish the project, so I ended up having to buy another quart.

  6. My sister got married in an old bank similar to that one. Beautiful building. Wow...just wow...on that quilt!!!

    1. Thank you! It is turning out better than I had hoped.

  7. My sister got married in an old bank similar to that one. Beautiful building. Wow...just wow...on that quilt!!!

  8. What a beautiful post! That building is gorgeous - I love old buildings like that. Such detail! Just not the same as more contemporary structures.
    I always wish I knew how to quilt and really admire those who do. I've never had the inclination or patience to learn, but the work is so lovely.

    1. Thank you!

      My mom taught me to sew when I was you, so I guess I just take it for granted that I can do it.

  9. Lots of home projects getting completed here.
    Well done. Out to lunch to celebrate after sounds perfect.

  10. I have a quilt for my grandson that I need to get started on--thanks for the reminder. :-)

    I can relate to the "dumber things!"

  11. Your timing for your painting project sounds exactly like something we would do, too. We don't have carpeting, but every time we paint anything, even with drop cloths, someone (usually me) manages to step in spilled paint and track it across the hardwood floors. I have a couple of diy projects that I'm about to start for the A to Z Challenge. I hope I can channel some of your mojo for it!