Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lent, huh?

I think we go into Lent with all sorts of plans.  We want to make it a time of penance and spiritual growth.  We might try to give up something, maybe candy, or alcohol, computer time, TV,  or breakfast runs at Mickey D’s.  Or, we think to do something extra – daily rosaries, Eucharistic adoration, good deeds, spiritual reading.  

But, invariably we fail.  Okay, maybe you don’t, but I do, miserably.

Lent, huh?

I attended our parish mission with the hope of gaining some peace and new insights into our faith.  Miserable failure.  Really.  Miserable.

Lent, huh?

I need a beer.  Well, I want a beer.  Out goes that sacrifice.

Maybe I'll do something else instead.  Or try harder.  Or give up giving up.

This Lent has made me think that this is a time when God laughs.  You had plans?

Perhaps what we were doing wasn't what we were supposed to be doing.  This seems to be a time meant to be open to opportunities as they present themselves.
  • Dealing with heath issues or helping another with theirs.
  • Letting go of long held desires or goals.
  • Being available and open to someone who needs an ear to listen. 
Lent, huh?

Not what we plan, but definitely what we need.