Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wonder Doubled: Marriage Maintenance

We have a new post up at the USCCB website For Your Marriage.

Maintenance. That was the first word the home inspector said to us as we prepared to move into our new home over a decade ago. We’ve done well in following that advice over the years. The little things were taken care of and the big things took care of themselves. Well, all the big things except the furnace, which died one winter on a bitterly cold Sunday morning!

I am now engaged in painting the laundry room, which has been the one exception to the regular maintenance schedule. The dust of a decade has been unearthed behind the dryer. I found an old baseball cap which disappeared a few years back. There are the usual nicks and dings that a laundry/mud room receives over the years. Some damage will take a little longer to patch, however. Allow me to introduce the other member of our household.

You can read the whole article here.



  1. Great post about maintenance and marriage. We do have to clean it up at times, work to keep it looking fresh. I get it. My dh and I always say "I love you" everyday...even if we are mad at each other. We always kiss hello after our days work and my dh always gives me a kiss good-bye in the morning. I'm usually still in bed since he gets to work earlier than I do. We go to Adoration every week (well try)....we do what we can and we can always do more. We love our little getaway weekends to spend quality time together. So far, it's all working and we won't stop. Marriages will fall apart if neglected. One has to keep God as part of the marriage. Thank you for sharing and I needed this reminder to keep working at maintaining the marriage I've been blessed to be part of. God Bless.

    I loved the dog story. Haha

  2. I can't believe a little puppy could be so destructive! Wow!!
    Your great post is pretty timely in my life. As part of my Lent offerings & sacrifices, I'm determined to say "I love you" more (my goal is twice a day minimum). I am guilty of not saying it as much as I should and your post truly puts things into perspective.
    I always, always enjoy your posts!! :-)