Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tale of a pumkin or "fun with food"

We have tried to grow pumpkins in gardens past but were never very successful.  That is all changing this year.  Our little patch has at least twenty of these lovlies ripening at the moment.  When we were checking them the other day we found one with a bad spot. We picked it so it would not rot on the vine.

As we were walking back to the house Himself accidentally put his thumb through the bad spot.  Being goofy, he stuck his empty beer bottle in the hole.  I decided that it needed a face so Himself obliged me and drew this for me.

I later cut out the bad stuff and roasted what was left of the pumpkin.  I made a couple of pies that we took to Dad's on Monday.  Yum!

Sometimes you just got to play with your food!



  1. Pumpkin pie, yum! And I love the drunken pumpkin - so fun!

  2. Heehee it is fun to play with your food sometimes :) and those pies look delicious!

  3. Oooohhh...soon it will be that time of the year for pumpkin pie. I only eat it at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love it. Love your gave a "bad" pumpkin new life!

  4. Ha!! That pumpkin is great! And those pies!!!! I can almost smell them. :)