Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wonder Doubled: Do What You Want With Me

We have a new post up at the USCCB website For Your Marriage.

I made my weekly trip to the grocery store on Saturday. Our local store has a fairly good wine department and, several times a week, they will have tastings of a number of showcased varieties. A sample now and then helps make grocery shopping a little less tedious.

I have spent time talking with the woman who works there while I sample the wine. Sue is probably in her forties and has never married. She stayed at home to take care of ailing parents and, now that they have passed away, she is alone. She would like nothing more than to meet a nice man and settle down.

You can read the whole article here.



  1. I have met some great women who would love to meet the right man, settle down and get married. One is my dh's cousin...she's super pretty, is successful and has everything...however she has spent some time dating the wrong guys (like a man who was never really divorced..yep)... and she is still looking. I also worked with a teacher who was very into our faith and was a good woman...she too did not meet the right man. It's a tough dating world out there for middle aged women.

  2. I'll also add...if we had children as planned...I wouldn't be doing the work I am doing now. My work hasn't replaced my desire though...but it does help me to keep busy and live my days. Good article. When I pray I not only think about what He wants to do with me...but I pray that I am a good and faithful servant for HIM.

  3. Sue makes me think of my beloved Great-Aunt D; she was the youngest child, and as such she was expected to take care of her parents when they aged. Later in life she shared a house with a friend, then cared for her friend until her death. There was a time I wondered if she and her friend were more than friends. Later I found out that D had met the man she considered her soul mate (I didn't even know they used that phrase back then!); he was a friend's cousin. Her parents did not approve because he was five years older than her, so their courtship ended. He eventually moved to Ohio and married someone else. Because I spent many years single and we both had cats, I developed a special affinity for Aunt D; I think I am the only great-niece or nephew who writes to her. God connects us to one another in remarkable and unexpected ways.

  4. I agree we often say that phrase but don't mean it. I guess our prayer should be that we mean it.