Friday, August 29, 2014

That "in between" time


It seems we are well ensconced in that in between time.  It's no longer quite summer but it's not yet fall.  Shadows are growing longer and the temperatures fluctuate greatly.  Days in the sixties are followed by those in the nineties.  Flowers of both the summer and fall kinds grow prolifically.  Pumpkins and tomatoes continue to deepen their colors while theirs leaves fade away.  Life slows down but yet it is busy.  It's time to savor the moment without thinking too much into the future or dwelling on the past.

Life is good.

Life is.



  1. Love the pics...I'm okay with's the winter that looms closer and closer..that scares me. Last winter was brutal.

  2. So true. The beauty of late summer is often overlooked but such a wonderful time of year. Your backyard is awesome, so pretty!