Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wonder Doubled: The Philosophy of Math

We have a new post up at the USCCB website For Your Marriage.

Timothy: Much to my surprise, I find that I like hummus. My doctor recently told me to stop eating like an NFL lineman and to start eating more like a quarterback. So, among other things, I “bagged” the potato chips.

Donna: Uh, I’m rolling my eyes here.

Timothy: Anyway, now I snack on a few pita chips dipped in red pepper hummus – when we have hummus, that is.

You can read the whole article here.



  1. Love this post! I also really like red pepper hummus but not more than spinach artichoke hummus, so I have to agree "the more the merrier." I love that this points out the fallacy of "the better half" and "you complete me" theory to marriage. No, we are all called to be whole in God. Great post and I must say you two are a very good looking couple :)

  2. Totally loving the 1x1=1 stuff. Never thought of it that way. My math brain is happy with the way that works out. :)