Wednesday, June 4, 2014


"There are two ways of getting home;
and one of them is to stay there."

More years ago than I care to admit I would consider a good weekend one where I was go, go, going, off to this event or that.  I was involved with a "young adults leadership training organization," the Jaycees.  We had all sorts of activities that included community service, fund raising, personal development and socials.

Big emphasis on socials.  Big.  We held parties, went to concerts and ballgames, frequented local establishments for the more than occasional "adult" beverage.  It was fun at the time, but it didn't allow for much quiet in my life.

I find now that after a week at work I crave that quiet time.  Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy an occasional concert or outing.  But, now, it is not what energizes and rejuvenates me.

Last Friday and Saturday we put in most of the vegetable garden.  There were a number of tomato and pepper plants that my dad was starting for us and he brought them over on Sunday when he came for dinner.  Monday was a crazy day at work, the fallout from the previous week's implementation was still apparent.  When I got home I changed into my grubbies and headed out to the garden.  What joy it was to play in the dirt and give those plants a new home!

Afterwards, we sat under the Linden tree, drank our lemonade, and watched as the sprinkler ticked away watering our newly placed plants.

We didn't talk about much, if anything.  We just enjoyed what was around us.

And it was good.



  1. I love quiet time too...I don't like running around all the time...the one question my dh and I ask each week we have plans for this weekend? and if the answer is no...we both sigh in relief. In my twenties..having a quiet weekend was unheard of...I loved going to clubs and hanging out with friends.

  2. I have always loved the quiet too. It is my introverted way and I am so thankful my hubby is also an introvert too :) We are definitely looking forward to a quiet weekend sometime in July!

  3. I feel more at peace just reading this. My introvert heart swoons!

  4. I used to get itchy years ago, when I was single, if I was home too much. I would go out to eat or go shopping just to be around people. In recent years I have been much happier to spend time at home.