Thursday, May 29, 2014


What is it with time?  For most people, this is a short work week.  When I talk with people around here they are all complaining that the week feels so, so long.  Isn’t it Friday yet???

I have to admit, I’m one of the complainers.  This week feels painfully long.  What do you mean it’s only Thursday??

Why do short weeks feel so long?  Do we try to pack in five days of tasks into this shorter week?

Don't answer that.

It is a beautiful, glorious week.  We have sunshine and blue skies.  Just like Camelot, it has only been raining at night.  The temperatures couldn’t be more perfect, low to mid seventies.

So, perhaps instead of complaining that time is standing still, I ought to enjoy it.  I’ve been told that growlers don’t just empty themselves and help is needed at home to do so.



  1. We have been having some awesome weather as well...I am just trying to savor it...before too will be too hot out.

  2. I have loved my short week here. I'm so sad to work a full week next week!