Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Quiet Rest

Maybe I’m a bit odd, but there is something I find incredibly beautiful about an empty farm field or garden.  After the crops have been harvested and the plants plowed under or removed, there remains nothing but bare earth.  The land has done its job for the season past and now rests in emptiness.

The next months will be spent under layers of snow or soggy in the wet of rain.  The colors will be dull and mostly monochromatic.  But still it is full of texture.  It is far from boring.
I think about this now not only because of the time of year and the chores I have just completed, but perhaps because of the time of year.  Hopefully that makes some sense.  

The weather is turning colder and the cycle of life for farm fields and flower gardens has come to an end.  Soon we will be preparing for Christmas. I have already seen the beginnings of it in the sale aisles of the stores and on the city streets where decorations are starting to pop up. The radio announcers have begun to speak of Christmas carols that they plan to play in the weeks ahead.

But now.  Now is an in between time.  The vibrant colors of summer and fall have faded and the holiday reds, greens and golds have yet to appear, but the texture remains.  Quiet, unassuming.  Resting.



  1. I can relate to this post.
    I love the line "The land has done its job for the season past and now rests in emptiness." Thanks for sharing, I don't have much time lately for just noticing the fields and yet, the fields are underfoot, I needed this reminder of passing seasons to remind me that they all have beauty!

  2. I love the fall! I hate the cold. :-) But I am thankful to live in a state (NE) with seasons that change ... I love how nature transforms each year!

  3. That sounds beautiful and peaceful as I sit in 90degree weather here in Los Angeles and my roses are still blooming as long as I prune them. I do miss the different fall colors although I only got to experience them one year.