Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Opposite Ends of Life

To say the last month has been eventful is a bit of an understatement around here, so much is happening and is changing.  I do love our good Lord’s timing, however.  It is so perfect.

My job hunt is going well and opportunities, some unexpected, are presenting themselves.  I pray for discernment and to make good and wise decisions in that matter. 

I am grateful now for the timing of this all.  My last contract ended at the end of July and the time between jobs could not have come at a better moment.  That was very apparent yesterday.

Early Sunday morning my father-in-law was taken to the emergency room by ambulance and was later admitted.  Although what ails him isn’t life threatening, it has him down and out for a while.  Yesterday we needed to take care of some business for him and afterwards we went to visit him along with my mother-in-law.  We saw up close how age and frail health can beat a person down. 

But, in the evening, we were witness to the opposite end of life – the start.  We watched our niece and soon-to-be God-daughter while Sis and BIL went to baptism class. 

Baby Sara is just four weeks old and seems to be growing and changing right before our eyes.  Everything is new and her life is full of endless possibilities.  Who will she become?  How long can we protect her so she doesn’t have to know the feeling of being beat down by life’s difficulties? 

I know already, especially after yesterday, she has reinforced one lesson Himself often tries to teach me.  Be fully present in the here and now.  Enjoy who she is at this moment.  Enjoy who I am, too, at this moment. 



  1. what a beautiful reflection! Your neice is very lucky to have such a wise, wise woman in her life. Prayers for your in-laws.

  2. Beautiful reflection!! I'll pray for your FIL's health. And your job hunt!

  3. That situation sounds scary for your FIL and family. Thank GOd it wasn't life threatening but it's still a shock. I will keep you all in my prayers.

    I love your reflection and thanks for reminding me that I need to enjoy who I am at this moment. I've been so engrossed in the future...I'm neglecting the present.