Thursday, August 23, 2012

A new role

This Sunday Himself and I will take on new roles – Godparents to Sara Roisin.  We’re honored and excited and thrilled at this event.  We will welcome in a new member of our family to Our Family. 

Along with that honor comes great responsibility.  And it is starting to scare me.  There is no standard for being an aunt.  Who can tell if I’m a great one or I fail miserably?  But I do believe there is some sort of measure of a good Godparent.

When we stand with my sister and brother-in-law we take on the responsibility that Sara will be brought up in the Faith.    We want her to know God, to love God and to serve Him in this life so that she can be with Him in the next.  Wow!  This role demands a lot, doesn’t it?

Please pray for Sara this Sunday.  Also pray for her Godparents, that they are worthy of the task before them. 

‘Cause this God-momma is a little nervous about the road ahead.



  1. You will do just beautifully! You clearly understand your role, and no doubt, will live up to the seriousness of the task. Many people nowadays don't even truly understand what a Godparent does. You understand and are willing to do it. Sara will be blessed to have you as her Godmother!

  2. Good luck! Being a godparent is an amazing job and I know you'll be a great one! :)

  3. Seeing how you are nervous just shows how serious you take the role of godmother! You will be amazing! Sara is one blessed little girl to have you as her godmother! :)

  4. Just look to your favorite aunt. Or your mom, for that matter. That's how to be.

  5. Sara is so blessed to have you as her godmother! I know that being godparents has been such a blessing for us (and it seems like we've been asked a lot -- we've become godparents three times in the past four years).

    God bless you both!

  6. You are going to be the best godmother! Being asked to be a godmother simultaneously broke and healed pieces of my heart that I didn't know needed broken or healed. It was an unspoken, unwhispered, barely acknowledged desire of my heart to be a godmother and when we were asked the tears flooded my eyes before I could stop them.

    Sara is so blessed to have you as a godmother and I know you will do an amazing job! I don't know if they live close to you, but one of my favorite things is to take Maggie (our goddaughter) with me when I go to communion (and we usually have her for a good portion of mass - she's the youngest of 3 and the one that outnumbered her parents so it's awesome for us).