Monday, August 29, 2011

What do you say to that?

The office in which I work isn’t all that large.  Our “offices” consist of cubicles with half height walls and five foot wide desks.  Unless we whisper, we can pretty much hear everyone’s conversations.   

The other day two co-workers were having a non-work related conversation, about light bulbs, of all things, that morphed into environmentalism.  One then asked “Why bother?  The rapture is coming and a lot us will be taken up.  Who cares what’s left here on earth!”  As first I thought he was serious but he was in fact making fun of people who believe. 

And, it got better.  (Yeah, right!)

His next state was something to the effect of “Can you believe that 40% of people believe in creationism?  That’s all pretty stupid.  Maybe Darwinism will take over and they’ll all disappear.  But those that can’t think are breeding faster than we are.”

Wow!  What do I say to that?  Do I say anything?  I didn’t.  It wasn’t my conversation.  But I am now very aware of who sits near me. 

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