Friday, August 12, 2011

Quick Takes (14)

- 1-
I haven't had much inclination to write lately.  I think the last couple of weeks have caught up with me and I'm just plain tired.  No matter how much I sleep, getting up in the morning has been tough.  Thankfully today I was able to work from home while I wait for the oven repairman.  That afforded me a little extra time under the covers.

- 2 -
Two weekends ago we hosted a big family picnic.  I think it's safe to say everyone had a good time.  And it was great to be able to catch up with what's happening in people's lives.  My husband's family are all great cooks and bakers.  There was so much food left over, everyone took some home and I still didn't have to cook for a week!  Too bad I forgot to put the potato casserole in the oven until we went to eat.  But even worse, I forgot to take it out.  It was only slightly crispy!

me with DH's cousin's granddaughter
- 3 -
This past weekend we ventured to St Louis for the GK Chesterton conference.  I've had a lot cross my mind about the conference and I jotted a bunch of notes, I'm sure it's meant to be another post.  We met and reconnected with some awesome people and got to listen to some very interesting speakers.  One of the hi-lights, though, was something rather impromptu.  As there were several priests in attendance, a request was made for confessions.  It's not usually one of my favorite things to do, but after this experience I know it should be. 

- 4 -
One of the speakers at the conference was Leah Darrow, a previous contestant on America's Next Top Model.  It's actually something she is not exactly proud of, but it, at least indirectly, led her back to the Catholic church.  She is now an apologist for Catholic Answers.  Check out her website if you get the chance.

- 5 -
I've never read Catcher in the Rye, and depending upon to whom I talk, I'm either missing a great piece of literature, or I'm really not missing much at all.  A priest from our diocese, Fr. Damian J. Ference, has a great perspective on this work in this month's issue of Dappled Things.  Check it out.  A lot of it makes much sense in our Catholic IF world.

- 6 -

The weather this week has been delightful - upper 70s, low 80s, sunny during the day with some showers in the late evening and overnight.  It's my definition of perfect summer weather.  One thing we've been seeing, though, are some of those big Fall clouds - just a little hint of what's to come.

- 7 -
As much as I'll hate to see summer go, there's one thing I won't miss - the mosquitoes.  Whether I'm tying up the tomatoes, deadheading the flowers or hiking with DH and Jack, I get chomped, chewed, munched, mangled, bit and bothered. 

"Daybreak is a never-ending glory. . .  getting out of bed is a never-ending nuisance."
GK Chesterton

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Have a great weekend!

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  1. Lots going on in your corner of the world! Would love to hear more about the conference. Our weather is great too- a bit of a break from the hot. have a great week!