Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Jump Start (3): A List-less Summer (aka Draft Folder cleanup)

Draft folder clean up.  We all have those unfinished posts that hide out in our draft folder, on scrap pieces of paper, or in Word documents.  Finish one up, now.

I think I have about twenty partially started posts in my draft folder and who knows how many on scraps of paper.  I think I needed to finish this one, to remind myself of warmer seasons.  Yesterday's high actually made it into double digits, 11 degrees, unlike what it is going to be like later in the week.  Brrr!

The past few years we have created a Sand Pail list for the summer.  The list was just a bunch of ideas of fun things to do.  Some of the things included trying out a new winery or brewery, going to a concert or the county fair or the local parade. 

We didn't create that list this summer.  It didn't matter.  Actually, maybe it was better.  I didn't have that feeling like I needed to cross one more thing off a list.  I didn't have to keep track of what, if anything, we were doing for fun.

We did all sorts of good stuff - a few concerts, a new, local winery, and even a baseball game.  But it felt a little more laid back, less scheduled.

One day during my summer week off from work, we started out for Amish country.  In the first five minutes of what was going to be several hours on the road, we met every incapable, bad, dangerous driver that there could possibly be.  We decided the aggravation wasn't worth it and turned around. 

We stopped at local garden center to pick up some plants for the front yard.  After that we headed to a local farmer's stand where they also sell outdoor furniture.  We picked out a couple of Adirondack chairs.  Best purchase, ever.

They are a great place to rest after gardening or to have an adult beverage after work.  Where we have them, under a tree on the hill, is perfect for watching the world, and all sorts of birds, go by.  There's a great breeze that is pleasantly cool on a hot summer day.  It's a great place to decide which concert or winery we want to visit.

Who needs a list?  We've got chairs!



  1. LOVE the chairs. And I love when a day's plans are tossed out the window and it turns out to be so much the better :).

    Thanks for this dose of summer on this cold, cold winter day!

  2. Oh my, what a perfect spot for those chairs! I think that tree was made for them and for you.