Thursday, August 31, 2017

Photo Blogging Challenge (August 2017) - Summer Fun

I haven't done one of the photo blogging challenges in a while.  I guess they were too challenging for me!  But, when I saw this month's theme, I was excited as I had a lot of ideas.  Paring down to just five photos was difficult, so I stuck with just one activity.

We finally went to the County Fair this year.  We have talked about going for a while, but something always got in the way.  Often the Chesterton conference was at the same time.  This year I took a day off and we visited on opening day.  And, boy, I'm glad we went!

From the pictures below it is obvious that my favorite part was the animals.  I couldn't take enough pictures of them.

This beautiful young woman was such a joy.  She was excited to pop in the picture of her horse and tell us about him.  Her dad, who was nearby, was just as excited and oh so proud of his daughter.  The horse's lineage goes back to one of the Kentucky Derby winners in the mid 1960's.  Dad mentioned the name of the horse, but mini memory that I have, I don't remember it.

I love goats.  They seems to have so much personality.  This cute one seemed to like to get his picture taken.

It was wickedly hot and humid the day we went.  The young people at this stand made a superb glass of lemonade - shaken, not stirred!

She had something to say and was telling anyone who would listen, and even those who weren't.

I had thought about entering a quilt into the competition this year, but didn't manage to get it done in time.  It looks like the competition was stiff.

Bonus.  Just because.

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  1. Great photos! Love the back lighting in the animal photos. We have never been to a state fair but everyone says we should go. This post makes me want to go just for some lemonade!

  2. Love your all photos you have captured the personality of the animals really well. The lighting looks good too.

  3. Oh my goodness, some of your shots really made me giggle. I think the story behind the horse is great. Isn't it interesting when a conversation can be struck up on a whim? You captures some great summer fun shots at the fair!

  4. I know you wanted me to think "James Bond", instead you know what your post reminds me of? Tim McGraw!! "I like it, I love it, I want some more of it"... note the lyrics at the beginning of the song!

  5. You obviously had a great day at the fair and your enjoyment of the animals shines through in your photos. I really like how you seem to capture their personalities. Well done!

  6. This is a great set of photos for this theme! The cow seemingly yelling is an awesome capture! Well done!