Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Photo Blogging Challenge (May 2017) - Look up - Himself

Himself was inspired by the theme for this month, Look Uphad some great shots.  Actually, he took a ton of excellent photos that I have been enjoying as backgrounds on my monitors. 

Harriet was a young wife who died in the mid 1800s at the age of fifteen.  Her tombstone collapsed recently in a local cemetery containing many old graves including those of Revolutionary War veterans.  Harriet was looking-up at a bouquet of daffodils earlier this month which someone planted near her grave.  I’ll be looking-up the local cemetery caretakers to see if we can raise up her headstone.

It seems every time we looked up this spring, down came the raindrops.  One of our redwood trees caught a few drops before they could reach the ground.

Various pollen seeds challenged the raindrops for supremacy of the skies this year.  Here’s a dandelion that did about all it could to contribute to the aerial combat.

A retired farmer recently donated his land to our county park system.  This is one tree in the many acres of trees which we now enjoy thanks to his generosity.

We’re looking up from the bottom of our favorite sledding hill.  It is deceptively peaceful on a quiet spring morning.  A few winters ago we terrified a cousin’s daughter from Florida with her first sled ride down the back of the beast.    

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  1. wow, lovely photos looking up, Himself :)

  2. Wonderful nature pictures, especially love the last one! Isn't it magical, one day everything is frozen solid, a couple of weeks later there's grass and flowers and life!

  3. Love all your photos, and your commentary is very witty! Very nice take on the theme this month.

  4. These all capture such peaceful, reflective scenes -- especially that last one!

  5. Holy cow, these are STUNNING. Just STUNNING! I think the tree might be my favorite, but the Harriet story... that is above and beyond all else. I love that you told the story and took the photo. Harriet... 15... unbelievable... a WIFE... WOW. you honored her and I love that!

  6. You nailed the whole photo blogging thing, combining strong images with interesting comments. I'm partial to compositions that look up tree trunks and particularly enjoyed the story of Harriet, but the raindrops on redwood receives top marks from me. Well done!

  7. Such beautiful images and quite the setting. Love your interpretation of this theme. Nice work! :D