Monday, February 15, 2016

Watch Your Language . . .You Never Know Who’s Listening

Last Monday, Himself asked me how my drive home from work was.  I grumbled something about getting behind every stupid, moronic, idiot driver that was out there on the roads.

I’m sure you handled it well, he responded.

I didn’t, unfortunately.  I said a whole lot of bad words.

He was surprised.  When someone is in the car with me, I usually keep calm and watch my language.  Not when I’m alone.  All bets are off.

Your mom is there with you.


Pennies from heaven.  

My mom seemed to find money laying around wherever she went, sometimes in the oddest of places.  Most of the times it was coins, but on occasion it was paper money as well.  She and my dad started keeping a jar of “found money” and every July would tally it up and go spend it all.  One year it was well over a hundred dollars.

Now when I find coins, I look up, and say ‘hi’ to mom.  I keep a couple of those “pennies from heaven” in the cup holder in the car.  Mom rides along with me.

It must be something about Mondays that makes people exceptionally bad drivers.  I met a few more of them on the road today.  And, I didn’t say any of those “uck” words that she so disliked.



  1. At least you refrained from the "uck" word! :)
    Visiting from Confessions of a Catholic Mutt.

  2. I never would have guessed you were one to use uck words while you drove! :)
    The coins are such a nice way of keeping thoughts of your mom with you.
    Sometimes, it is really hard to not let the expletives fly, though. It helps me stay calm to think of all the bonehead moves I've made while driving. I'm a great driver, yet even I have pulled out in front of people accidentally.

  3. I yell a lot in the car at people; I think the anonymity of them being in a car makes it that much more difficult to see them as people going through things instead of annoying vehicles in our way, but I really want to work on this!

  4. I frequently hear rude words of abuse from drivers all the way to my workplace. I go there on foot, but I hear how angry they are. It's so disappointing. The Lord has given us His blessings for the purpose of good and pleasant things, but not for abuse or quarrels.