Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Adult Coloring Books?

Back in the Fall I read a number of articles touting adult coloring books.  Supposedly these provide a new way to relax and de-stress.  I had a couple of sets of almost-never-used colored pencils sitting around, so I decided to give it a try.  After all, who couldn't use a new way to unwind?
I got on Amazon and did a search.  There are over twenty pages of these coloring books from which to choose and there seems to be something for everyone.  Nature appears to be good inspiration for those who create these.  I saw owls and oceans, plenty of trees, leaves, and flowers, dogs, cats, elephants and birds.  Did you know Unicorns Are Jerks
I learned quickly that I need to be cautious when perusing the selections.  There are those that have very "adult" themes, if you know what I mean.  I'm afraid to see what was in those!
I stumbled upon a bunch of faith themed books.  I finally found one that looked promising.  Two days later, my very own coloring book arrived. 
Before I could possibly color, I had to have something to organize my pencils.  So out came an old salad dressing jar and my glass etching compound.  I created a simple design with masking tape and slathered on the goop.  Five minutes later, I had a new-to-me pencil holder.
I chose a picture, tore it out of the book and started coloring.  What color to start with?  Do I shade or color in solid?
I found, for me, coloring ranks right up there (or is it down there) with paint by numbers.  It was frustrating and tedious.  I didn't relax at all.  I enjoyed making the jar so much more.
What am I missing?


  1. The fact that you made a pencil holder before you colored only makes me enjoy you more. :)
    I like coloring when sitting down with a child or two, where we can chat while we color, but I would never just pick up a coloring book on my own. I can find plenty of other things I'd rather do to relax. It must work for some people, though. There's plenty of them being sold!

    1. Glad to oblige!

      I do have to admit I like coloring with my niece. As you said, there's always some great chatting that occurs.

  2. This made me giggle, I love your pencil color holder ;))

  3. I haven't tried the grownup coloring books, but I can see how it could be relaxing. I like drawing and can lose myself in that, but I can also get frustrated by things I can't draw very well (like noses... I am terrible at noses.)

  4. I've also gotten into this trend! It's quite relaxing!