Sunday, August 9, 2015

TToT (8) - August Begins

It seems I am better at this if I do it every other week.  Not that I'm not grateful during the off week, just disorganized, lazy, busy, or forgetful.  So every other week it is!

- one -
The Chesterton Conference is this weekend.  Although we didn't get to go, the distance was prohibitive, I have been thinking about them this weekend.  We have been to three conferences and have always had a wonderful time.  In honor of the conference, here's some of Chesterton's thoughts on gratitude.

- two -
Last Friday evening I had dinner with a friend, L, whom I have known since sixth grade.  We can chat all night if given the opportunity.  It is so good to share a long time history with someone.

- three -
We made it to another free concert on the circle in out township.  This time it was a sixties girl group.  The music was fun and the rain held off until shortly after the concert ended.

- four -
I love that I can find all sort of tried-and-true recipes online.  It doesn't matter what you want to make, someone has already done it and has shared their take on it.  This week it's pickles for us.  We have an abundance of cucumbers coming in from the garden and are trying to find the perfect concoction.  Who needs a cookbook?

- five -
Speaking of recipes, I got to make a cake with my niece this week when we watched her for a couple of days.  We had a great time and it came out yummy!
Decorated for Mommy and Uncle Himself
-six -
We have great library systems both where I live and where I work.  I've been reading the latest releases by a couple of my favorite authors which I was able to reserve even before they were released.  Got to love a little light reading in the summer!

- seven -
Our county put in a dog park a couple of years ago.  Jack seems to love going there and it's a good way to let him run off some energy.

-eight -
Last Monday I came into to work to find the following on my desk.  I had been talking about that beer with a coworker earlier in the week.  She happened upon it over the weekend and picked up a bottle for me.  Himself commented "No wonder why you like working there!"
- nine -
I am traveling for work this week and online airline check-in rocks.  Actually, everything you can do online now for traveling makes it all much easier than has been in the past.  Air, rental car, and hotel were booked in about ten minutes with our corporate travel service.

- ten -
Christine mentioned that everyone seems to have a "thankful" that they repeat often.  Hers is her son now being able to drive.  I think mine is our veggie garden.  Things have been coming in and we have been eating well.

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  1. Every other week is better than nothing.
    Love libraries. Enjoy travel, even if it is for work.

  2. Our 7 year old asked why I stopped making pickles, seeing as how we have about 20 giant cucumbers on our counter. I'm done. We have 30 or so quarts. Enough with the pickles already! :) I'm glad your garden is doing well.
    That was a fun little ditty in the video. He was a wise man.
    Our school just linked up with the county's library system, basically making our school a branch. The kids can get online, request a book, and it will be delivered to school. It's huge, since Catholic schools rarely have a great library. Another bit of proof that technology isn't all bad. :)
    We're happy to have join in no matter how often it is. You still get the benefit of a better mood.

  3. Sometimes we forget to appreciate the convenience of our online world, but whenever I stop to think about it I have to wonder how we ever managed to get anything done without it! I like looking up recipes too - have ingredients, type them in the search bar and there's a whole boatload of ways to cook whatever you've got.

  4. The internet certainly does make planning travel so much easier!