Thursday, January 1, 2015

First Photo: January 2015

Well, I surprised myself and managed to do my monthly photo without missing any.  It was an interesting (at least for me) experiment, so I have decided to do it again. 
A lot is opposite in this subject from last year's.  Last year we faced south; this year we're looking north.  I was able to take last year's photos from inside.  This year I will need to venture outside to snap these.  I hope the weather cooperates!
I have no idea what the tall stand of trees on the right are, but the small round tree on the left is a lilac tree.  Oh the beautiful smell when it is blooming! 
A lot of work has gone into the garden in which the trees stand.  There are  beautiful collections of Asiatic lilies and of miniature Hostas mixed in. 
Weather-wise, this year started out much better than last.  This is definitely my idea of a perfect winter day!

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  1. We don't have snow either...which is completely different from last year. I guess we are suppose to get some this weekend. It is cold and going to be super cold next week. Ugh! I want to start dreaming of spring and spending more time outside.