Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weekends with Chesterton: Democracy of the Dead

“Trdition is the democracy of the dead. It means giving a vote to the most obscure of all classes: our ancestors.”
Lately, if it wasn't for GKC, I would have very few posts.  But that's okay as he has much better things to say than I.  And you'll see later on this week, even when I'm not writing about Chesterton, I'm writing about Chesterton.
This past week the American Chesterton Society posted the details about this year's conference to be held at University of Saint Mary of the Lake (Mundelein Seminary) in Mundelein, Illinois.  If you have never gone and perhaps are thinking about it, I have one word for you: GO!
We went to our first conference back in 2010 at Mount St. Mary University in Emmitsburg Md and had a most remarkable time.  I was a bit nervous about going as I had read very little GKC and figured I was going to be surrounded by a bunch of stuffy academics.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The speakers were excellent and the other attendees were so very welcoming.  At a couple of the conferences there have been evening plays and the big guy himself, GKC, usually makes an appearance. 
Speakers: Joesph Pearce, Leah Darrow, Peter Kreeft

Interesting people, shopping at the vendor displays, contemplating life from
a tree (a la "Manalive"), praying the rosary at lunchtime

Socrates (meets Jesus), Magic, GKC

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  1. I just joined the ACS! I had some Christmas money to spend. :) I wish I lived closer to the conference- it looks like fun!

    And I suspect that even when a lot of us aren't blogging Chesterton, we're blogging Chesterton- we just don't know it. Timeless and pervading truth, and all that. :)

  2. I'd never thought of tradition in that light before! It makes me giggle. We honour our dead in many ways I guess.

  3. I love that quote. I almost posted about that quote today too! I never really thought of Tradition that way before....but it does make sense!