Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thanking God for Snow

This past weekend we had plans to visit with family, Himself's parents on Saturday and my sister and her family on Sunday.  The weather forecast, however, wasn't very promising.  Actually, it stunk - cold and snowy and windy - a bad combination for driving anywhere.

So . . .  We cancelled all our plans and stayed home.

I loved it!
It seems life lately is driven by getting in the car and going somewhere.  Most often it's work or the store or church or the dentist or wherever.  Since our county was under a level 2 snow emergency, the car wasn't about to come out of the garage.
Did I mention I loved being home?  Oh boy did I!
Not that what we did was all that exciting, but it was at home. 
Our neighbor's dog Lucy decided to visit and when Kim came to fetch her we all played in the snow and went sled riding.  Actually, that was the second time we were sledding on Saturday.  Himself and I went out earlier and braved the blizzard to slip and slide down the hill.
I finally made a loaf of Ciabatta bread I have been wanting to try.  Yum!   That recipe is a keeper.

I mended several pairs of pants I have been ignoring and ironed blouses that have been hanging wrinkled in the closet for months.  I read a lot more of the latest book I won on Goodreads.  I caught up on an episode or two of Castle that my friend has gotten me hooked on by his reviews.  We sat by a fire and chatted.
All-in-all we didn't do anything exciting or new.  It was just good to be home.


  1. Love that you went sled riding :)! And Jack looks super cozy in that last photo. Our girls ran and played in the snow, and The Man with them a bit - I've not seen anything wear two pups out quite like it.

  2. Playing in snow can be fun as long as it isn't 30 below out...geez...I just love how bright our days are when the sun shines on the snow! I think snow is pretty...I just do NOT like driving in it.

  3. Yay, sledding! I agree that a nice weekend at home can be one of the best things ever.

  4. Love lazy days at home! And that bread looks fantastic!

  5. "...that bread looks fantastic!"

    It was! :o)

  6. So glad that you got to enjoy a lazy weekend at home! I'm a big fan of them, too.

  7. How fun! Do you have a recipe for the bread? I'd love to try and make a gluten free version :)

  8. On the rare Monday when I go out to my car and realize it hasn't moved since Friday, I think, "What a relaxing weekend."

    PS: Thanks for the Castle shout-out.