Sunday, July 28, 2013

7 in 7: The simple things

Sis and BIL decided that they needed an "adult" night away, the first they've had since Sara was born, and asked if we would want to watch her overnight.  Huh?  Like they have to ask!
Just a little over a year old, she seems to find almost everything interesting.  She'll spend a half hour just playing with and studying a plastic water bottle.  Watching the water move inside the bottle and the crinkle sounds it makes seems to intrigue her.
Uncle brought her outside and there they played with rocks in the water for what seemed like a long time to me.  They were both quite content and happy picking one rock up after another, studying them and then tossing them back in.

Sara was a nice reminder to me that things don't have to be complicated or complex to be interesting.  Sometimes slowing down and paying attention to the simple things can be quite refreshing!



  1. She is adorable! So awesome you get to spend an overnight with her :)

  2. Very true indeed. The other day I sat on my lounger on my back deck and I starred up into the clouds. It was a beautiful summer day...ahhh...I even watched three eagles soar high above me in those clouds. The blue sky, birds and puffy clouds made for a simple afternoon.