Monday, April 23, 2012

A good read - Motherless

Our parish started a women’s book club in last Fall.  I had every intention of joining in and found the list of books selected for the coming year really impressive.  A new job and conflicting priorities has kept me from going to any of the discussions.  But, thankfully, I have been able to read some of the books on the list.

One of the books on the list was a Catholic novel, Fatherless, by Brian J. Gail.  It is the first in a trilogy that follows the lives of a priest and a number of families in his parish.  It examines  the effects birth control, infidelity, and changing morals have on their lives.  Although the book is large and imposing, it is an excellent story of the consequences and pitfalls of a contraceptive mentality.

I recently read the second novel in the series, Motherless, and found it even better than the first.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.  This novel takes place about thirty years later than the first, and looks at issues we are all too familiar with – infertility, birth control, IVF – and their places in the lives of Catholics.  Even Creighton and Dr. Hilgers are mentioned several times.



  1. I've seen this book in a Catholic bookstore...I'll have to see if I can find it again..sounds interesting.

  2. Ok. Ok. Ok. I'm listening God. You can quit having my bestest blogger friends write about this series of books. I'll start reading it after this weekend. Promise!

  3. Really?!?!?!? This sounds great! Thanks for the recommendation!!!