Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking back, looking forward

It seems as we get closer to the end of the year we tend to start thinking about next year and how we want it to be better, different, more of this, less of that than the one coming to a close.  At least I do.  And in doing so, I look at this last year and take stock.  What was good?  What could be better?

As I’m trying to think back over this last year, it all seems to be a blur.  New Year’s Day 2011 seems so far away.  How was this year?  Good, bad, indifferent?  I don’t know.  This has to have been the hardest year of my life in terms of job/career, finances, marriage, mental, emotional & physical fitness. 

What was good?  God.  What could be better?  Me.

I just printed a calendar for my desk at work, using some of my favorite photos.  Across the top of it I added “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” – “To the greater glory of God”.  It’s my reminder that, good, bad, indifferent, my life has one purpose – to glorify our Lord. 

All the rest will follow.



  1. LOVE your calendar photos! Yes, through it all, God is always good. Great phrase!

  2. I too love the calendar photos..I think I will add those initials and/or the quote above my computer at work!