Thursday, November 3, 2016

They Done Us Proud

If you look outside in northeastern Ohio today, it is gray and dull.  There is a light misty rain falling and the sun isn't anywhere to be found.  It's appropriate.  I think that's how all the fans of the Cleveland Indians feel today.  Dull and gray.

In the Spring, like most years, we were hopeful.  We had a lot of great players and a bunch of young ones that showed so much potential.  As the summer went on, it seemed like a good, decent season and the playoffs were a definite possibilty. 

But, then the injuries started.  Two starting pitchers and the primary catcher were injured.  One of our best outfielders tried, but wasn't able, to come back from last year's shoulder injury and subsequent surgery.   I have to admit, some of us started writing off this season.  The playoffs just couldn't possibly happen with all that. 

The players, thankfully, thought differently.  The Tribe showed us that working hard, acting as a team, and making good decisons can bring you farther than you ever thought possible. 

These last few weeks have been exciting.  The team didn't act like the underdogs that much of the sportsworld seemed to think they were.  And that attitude was contageous.  We all thought they were going to do it.  As the t-shirts said, we were going to Party Like It's 1948, the last time they won the championship.

The World Series was just what it ought to be - two very good, evenly matched teams fighting to the bitter, wet, rain-delayed, extra inning, late end.  Unfortunately, our Indian Summer ended at about ten to one this morning.

And if it matters, I couldn't be more proud to be called their fan.  Thanks for a great, exciting year!


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